The Spark Chronicles Episode 12: Athlete of the Month Amie Gripentrog

Jun 01, 2022

Congrats to Amie G. as the Spark of the Month for June! Amie is one of our long-time Spark clients who paused for a while and then came back. She is married with a 4 year old son and is a full-time EMT. We’re SO proud of all her progress and look forward to seeing more big wins!

JS: So Amie, welcome and congrats to being our SOTM for June! It’s nice meeting you outside of the gym here at Grounds today for some coffee talk.


AG: Thank you!


JS: So tell us why you came to Spark and what sets working with Coach Sarah apart from past experiences?


AG: So I started with Sarah because I wanted to go to the fire academy and I needed to get through it so she coached me through all of that and I made it through and then I dropped out for awhile but I decided to come back because I love it.


JS: So what do you think sets Spark apart from other places?


AG: Well I’m not exactly sure because I’ve never worked (out) at any other places but I know that Sarah is a great Coach. She’s very full of energy; Always has a big smile on her face and a lot of good energy. It makes you happy even if you’re having a really bad day and don’t want to be at the gym, she’ll help get you into it.


JS: What are you approaching differently 'this time' around compared to your prior fitness endeavors?


AG: Well Sarah has gotten me to do a lot of reworking of how I approach fitness because before Sarah I was a 900 calorie cardio person which never worked for me and I always gained the weight back. So, Sarah really showed me that there’s other ways to do it, easier ways that are more effective honestly and weight lifting has been a huge part of it. I never thought that I would lift weights and that is the one thing I love most now, cardio… no thanks…


JS: Yeah , I don’t like cardio either, haha…


JS: What has been your biggest win since joining Spark?


AG: I think it’s self confidence, she’s pushed me to do things that I didn’t know that I could do. I never thought that I would be doing deadlifts. I think that that is a huge win and I have much more confidence especially with my job because I’m dealing with moving people around in emergency situations and I walk into a room and I know I can do it.


JS: How do you balance your schedule/training/work life?


AG: Well my job kind of makes that fairly easy because I work 12 hour shifts so I have 4 days off during the week which gives me more that enough time to go to the gym and I have also gotten really good at packing my lunches and I’ve become very meticulous about that so that helps a lot. But having the 4 days off is great because I have time to go to the gym, or meet with Sarah and balance home life.


JS: Do you normally train an hour or 30 minutes? Rather, what’s your routine?


AG: I meet with Sarah Mondays and Wednesdays for a half hour and then Tuesdays and Sundays I go in for an hour and do the routines myself.


JS: How do you like using the app?


AG: I LOVE it! I’ve actually told people I would kind of be lost without it. Although I know most of the workouts, It makes it so easy to just walk into the gym and get started, I don't have to look around or guess what I am doing because it’s all in there in the app and it tracks all of my progress which is great. It also records your last weight so I can see and keep track of all my progress so I love it.


JS: Yes I love that too and I love the community aspect. I know you said you haven’t done a lot of the community outings yet.


AG: Yes, It’s really nice to see all the shout outs from everyone in the app, and I see all of the outings but I just haven’t made it out yet to any of the hikes. I’m working towards that!


JS: Well, I hope you can get out and join us for a hike soon and connect with more of us and also try Monday meditation. Congrats again for being our SOTM and we look forward to continuing to see your progress!


AG: Thanks so much!

 Thank you to Amie for sitting down to speak with us and also for serving the community as an EMT! We are so glad Amie is here and that she's loving the process as well as the journey. We can't wait to see what Amie is able to accomplish as she continues her hard work. Congratulations again!