The Spark Chronicles Episode 13: Athlete of the Month Jack Weatherspoon

Jul 01, 2022

JS: How did you find Spark and what led you to decide to join us?


JW: A friend of mine brought me here and we started working out here at Forge and she introduced me to Sarah. We did a HIIT class together the first year I started coming and I did that for a few months until Covid hit and things shut down. But, Sarah and I became good friends. We talked multiple times about me hitting my goals and she said she wanted to help me out. So we finally sat down one day, about 3-4 months ago and set out a plan and here I am.


JS: What is your ultimate goal and why is this goal important to you?


JW: One of the things we’ve talked about is that I want to do a fitness show. My sister and my brother have both done it and they keep telling me I should try it and give it a shot. I was like 'no no.' But more and more people kept telling me the same and then Sarah officially said something so then I was like "OK, I’ll take a shot at it." So my goal is to increase the weight, stay healthy and not get injured. Hopefully compete in a show. If I win or don’t win it doesn’t really matter, it's just to be able to say that I did this for myself.


JS: How do you manage getting busy and staying on your routine?


JW: Um, strong drive! I get up every morning and I think, there’s probably someone else in there working harder than I am so why am I sitting here? Let’s get up and get in there and let’s go!



 JS: What types of challenges have you encountered and how have you overcome them?

AG: WOAH! Increasing the calories! To go from eating maybe 2-3 meals a day to eating 6 meals a day. So one, finding the time to do all the mail prep and then two getting all that food in. It is a lot of eating. And then just the weight training. To make sure that I’m doing it right. Before I was working out with Sarah I thought oh I’ve got this, I know what I’m doing but then after training with Sarah but she’s like “Nope! do it this way.” Just a lot of fine tuning for sure.

JS: If you could give a young man one piece of advice, what would you tell him?


JW: Stay focused. Don’t let the bad things around you get you down. Focus on the positive things and keep moving forward.


JS: What has been the biggest take away in your time with Spark?


JW: Ah just learning to be a better person in life. Not just with fitness but just in general. Sarah is so positive and she helps you think beyond the gym and into your daily life. She’s a good person and she’s helping me to become a better person. It’s awesome.


JS: Well congrats again! We look forward to watching you grow and we will be cheering you on in your future fitness show!


JW: Thank you so much.


Thank you to Jack for taking time out of his busy schedule to sit down with us for this interview. We can't wait to watch and cheer you on when you hit that goal of competing in a show! We'll be waiting!!