The Spark Chronicles Episode 14: Athlete of the Month Sabrina Orcutt

Aug 01, 2022

JS: Hi Sabrina, we welcome you to the WALL OF FLAME as our Athlete of the Month for August. We know you’ve had several challenges so tell us about your journey so far.


SO: I’ve been dealing with medical issues since day one. I had foot surgery and wasn’t able to walk for 8 months and gained 30 pounds. I contacted Sarah for help and guidance and that’s when my life changed. In the meantime, I’ve had some setbacks with not being able to speak and losing partial eyesight but I’m not letting that stop me from living my healthiest lifestyle and taking care of myself. I thoroughly love this program and what it’s done for me. I’ve been able to not only lose weight and gain muscle, but have a clear head and positive energy.


JS: Wow! That’s quite an amazing accomplishment on so many levels. So tell us, how do you balance working out in your lifestyle?


SO: I’m very busy during the day and evening, running my family’s business so I would forget to make time for myself. I initially set alarms for my reminder to eat, workout, and to go for walks. I’ve now been able to keep a steady routine where I no longer need the alarms. I make sure I’m eating meals throughout the day that consist of high protein. As soon as I finish eating I got in the habit of taking my dogs for a walk, so now as soon as I finish my dogs go nuts so I can’t slack.


JS: Ha that’s an added bonus for you and the dogs for sure!


What has been your biggest triumph or hurdle to overcome and what goals do you have on the horizon?


SO: Lol the biggest hurdle is to make sure I don’t get bored, so every month I set a new goal for myself; eat more, walk more, do one more workout every day, do yoga, ride a bicycle, swim, etc. These are all things that make me happy and relaxed and have kept me feeling strong, confident, and healthy. We just have to keep moving. :)


JS: Thank you Sabrina, we congratulate you on your triumphs and for being a perfect example of what the Spark mindset is all about. You are SUCH an inspiration to all of us on perseverance and a shining example of how mindset can shape your trajectory even in the face of adversity. Keep up the great work and we will be watching you continue to soar!