The Spark Chronicles Episode 15: Athlete of the Month Cody Noren

spark chronicles Sep 01, 2022
This month we are honored to welcome Cody the Wall of Flame as our September Spark of the Month Cody is married with two beautiful children ages 2 and 4 which keep him very busy! His military background led him to become a police officer for 7 years and now he currently works for OSHA as a safety compliance officer.
JS: Tell us why you came to Spark and what your experience has been so far?
CN: I came over to Spark on the recommendation of John Cargill who’s a good friend of mine from the military and he opened the door for me by telling me of the great experience he was having and convinced me to come over to Spark. As a retired police officer, you sit in the squad car a lot and it doesn’t do the best for ergonomics. It came to the point where I just wasn’t being as active as I had been and my metabolism took a sharp turn in 2021 so I was looking to do a turnaround. John and Luda has such great things to say about their time with Sarah and Spark that I decided to try something different and get on board with it; so yeah that's how it came about.
JS: Awesome! So tell us how you balance your work/life schedule with training?
CN: It’s not easy! Having two active kids who are very young- they need that parental supervision all the time. It really plays an important factor in my life but obviously the kids are the most important thing. But sometimes it slows me down. There’s been a lot of days where Sarah has seen me at he gym and I maybe only got 4-5 hours of sleep, but it was important for me to get to the gym. And then there’s other days where I just can’t get there because of other priorities happening. But now it’s come down to just me setting boundaries for what I need. Um, my father was a workaholic and I’m a workaholic. I constantly just turning and looking to do something different with my body. So it’s me saying, I can work for another few hours or I’ll take a vacation later or me setting this boundary that 'hey I need to get to bed earlier so I can get up and get into the gym' which is important to me.
JS: Yes is definitely a shift to prioritize what is important. What does your training schedule look like?
CN: If I had it my way I’d be there at least 5-6 times in a normal work week, but in reality its closer to 4. It’s good when I can be consistent, but sometimes I’m good for a few weeks and then it stops.
JS: What impact has fitness made in other areas of your life?
CN: It’s just a huge stress reliever for me. I wasn’t a very active kid when I was younger. I wanted to do things that stimulated my mind more than my body. And then I joined the military at 17. And that's when I really wanted to do more things and really started to pay attention to how my body reacted. At 21 all of a sudden calories were catching up to me. I remember my Pop’s getting put on high blood pressure medicine or they wanted to at least and he was like no way I’ll workout and get more exercise and stop that from happening and that's what really kind of motivated me. And I was like hey if he can do it so can I. So that played into it all as well.
JS: Wow what a great motivation and inspiration! Do you have any big goals on the horizon?
CN: Yeah I definitely want to get a better body. I’m not so upset with the number on the weight scale but there’s room for improvement with what I have as far as muscle to fat ratio. So yeah just eating a bit healthier and get more fit with how I’m eating.
JS: Yep, I want to do the same! Last and final question: What is a piece of advice that you can give to someone who is on the struggle bus?
CN: This is going to sound really weird and I’ve said it to thousands of people but it’s the only way I can say it to make sense. When you start to workout you’re going to have this part of you that’s going to tell you I can’t do it, it’s too hard, it’s too difficult and I joke around and say its a demon on the back of your head. It’s that naysayer that's telling you to stop doing all these great things with your body. But consider the folks who don’t have use of their arms or their legs and they made something great out of their lives! So don’t let the demon take one run your head. Push past it.
JS: Wow that is great advice!
CN: Same thing where you feel like your lungs are burning out because you ran too hard or too far and you can’t find that breath but then 5 seconds later you are feeling a little bit better so you just have to push past that wall.
JS: Yes! And then that adrenaline kicks it and you’re like yeah just push through that wall.
CN: and even if you can’t do what you hoped for that day. Even if you only did 15 minutes on the bike, at least its something and you moved your body and that’s a huge win.
JS: Yes and that does something to your mind too, it relaxes you and it’s such a good stress reliever!
Thanks again to Cody for sharing his successes so far. Be on the look out for his photo hanging on the Wall of Flame soon and we can’t wait to see how he shines the rest of the year!