The Spark Chronicles Episode 16: Athlete of the Month Jaimie Banke

Oct 01, 2022

Huge shout out to our October SOTM Jaimie Banke. Jaimie lives in Crystal Lake, is a fur baby mama, she helps her hubby run a Real Estate Investment business which buys, renovates then flips homes all while exceeding on her own as a busy real estate agent. Jaimie brings a Spark of energy whenever she’s in the gym and her electric smile is always a pleasure to catch! Here’s her tips on how Spark ignited her fitness. 

JS:  Welcome Jaimie and Congratulations! Let's start with how long have you been with Spark and what brought you here?

JB: I have been with spark for roughly 1.5 years! I was looking for an in person coach that was knowledgeable and Sarah was already training out of my gym.

JS: How do you manage your workouts with your busy lifestyle and why is it important to you?

JB:  Its no secret that I don’t love to workout but I’m very consequence driven. I have to get my workout in first thing in the morning so I can focus before the day gets away from me. Working out has been HUGE for my mental health and I know it’s something that needs to be done for me to be the best version of me! 

JS: What are your goals with your training program?

JB: Currently, I am focusing on leaning out but also growing my butt! I like to call it the KIMMY K plan 

JS: What’s your favorite workout and how often do you train?

JB: I love heavy weight, low rep leg days! Its cool to see how much I can move now compared to where I started. I train Monday through Friday.

JS: Tell us how your experience has been with Spark and what sets it apart from other training programs?

JB: I love that my program has given me sustainable results. I have consistently been working with Sarah longer than any other program or trainer before. When I ask for goals to be switched, she makes it happen and results quickly follow. Sarah is incredibly knowledgeable and everything you do is for a reason in your programming. 

JS: Best Sarah Spark tip you’ve learned so far… go!

JB: Fitness related (would be) using a smaller ball to help roll out my hips/glutes.

We wish Jaimie continued success and look forward to seeing the “end” results of project "Kimmy K" :)