The Spark Chronicles Episode 17: Athlete of the Month Lucia Nisenson

spark chronicles Nov 01, 2022

Meet Lucia, our November 2022 Spark Athlete of the Month! She and her husband Keith love living life on the lake. Family is her everything!  She has three grown children, as well as a son and daughter in law whom she adores and three grandkids that she loves like crazy. She loves Jesus and is thankful to God daily for his numerous blessings on her life. When asked what she is thankful for this month so said “ too many blessings to count.”

JS: So tell us about your training schedule. What does your typical week look like?

LN: My training schedule has been the same for years now. M/W/F mornings like clockwork. I do my best not to waiver from the routine and almost never do. Sarah writes a workout that takes me around an hour and a half plus a warm up. It’s long and often difficult but keeps me from adding a day! 

JS: I’ve noticed your husband and son here at Spark, tell us about your family’s healthy lifestyle.

LN: My husband Keith and I have done our best to stay active at the gym for decades. We both want to be examples for our adult kids and grandkids. As for me, I coached my three kids in soccer and continue to coach my grandkids! I don’t think I’d be able to keep up with five year old boys if I wasn’t in shape so in shape I stay!  Our three children also workout and plan to throughout adulthood. Two even use Sarah’s online program!

JS: What’s your favorite part of working with Coach Sarah and one breakthrough you’ve learned so far.

LN: I met Sarah just over a year ago while working out at Forge. I watched her with her clients and wondered for a while if she could take my fitness to the next level. One day I asked her, “Do you look at my body and know exactly what you’d do with it?” She answered with an immediate yes and I hired her a few days later. (I do some interior design and walk into people’s homes and think of all the changes I’d enjoy making if they were to hire me and I had a feeling that she does the same with people’s bodies!) She knows what works and writes it into my program.  I love that. One year later I am so pleased with the changes in my body! At 58, I don’t think I’ve ever been in better shape. Thanks Sarah!!

JS: When I see you in the gym you always look very focused, tell us about what drives that fire in you.

LN: I do try to stay focused. I enjoy talking with friends but when at the gym, I’m there to get a job done. Need I mention that my workouts are 1.5-2 hours? I really don’t have time to not be dialed in!

JS: What advice can you give someone who may feel intimidated or unsure of where to begin their fitness program.

LN: For anyone who isn’t sure about starting a program, my question would be why not? Whether you’re in good shape or have not worked out in years (or ever!) Sarah will elevate your physical fitness. Make a commitment to yourself and stick to it. Give her program a year. Give yourself that commitment and make a change. Know your limits. If you know there’s no way that you’ll work out five days a week, sign up for 3 and when you’re in it, be in it! I find that the majority of people in gyms are supportive of everyone there. We’re all at different fitness levels. There will always be someone in better shape and others who are not in the condition you are in. Be you and be confident that we have all started somewhere, you just need to start. 

Huge congrats to Lucia on all of her accomplishments this past year. She is truly an inspiration for all of us to keep going, focus and catch that Spark Fire! We look forward to seeing her continued success.