The Spark Chronicles Episode 18: Athlete of the Month Sammi Fetzner

Dec 01, 2022

As we close out an epic year of growth here at Spark, we are celebrating our very own C.O.O. Sammi as our December Spark of the Month. Sammi is a cornerstone at Spark and keeps our community running smoothly. Congratulations on a long overdue journey to our Spark Wall of Flame!!


JS: Tell us about your Spark journey; What is your background as an athlete and what led you to find Spark?

SF: So, I’ve actually been an athlete since I was a kid. I played soccer, basketball, volleyball and little league baseball but I gave that up when I went to high school so that I could have a job and I did not have the time to balance both. Then I just kind of  became focused on work. I always liked the gym but I didn’t make the time for it so I bounced in and out. But I’ve been consistently going to the gym since 2014 pretty much Monday through Friday everyday. For a while I did 7 days a week, and now I’m in a 6 days a week balance. I came to Forge (where Spark's HQ has been) after my gym closed because of COVID.  I met Sarah here and I’ve been with Spark since Halloween of 2020.

JS: What does your workout routine consist of during the week and what drives you to be in the gym?

SF: I like being in the gym. I like having structure to my day. I’m in a little bit of a limbo right now figuring everything out with some changes. But yeah, I don’t find it hard to get to the gym generally speaking. I’m working out 6 days a week, 4 of them are in the gym and 2 of them are at home.

JS: You live a very busy life with your work schedule, traveling and events, how do you prioritize your workout schedule and why is it so important? 

SF: So to make it work into a full day I just make sure that’s it's the very first thing that I do. I get my workout done so there’s no excuses, there can’t be any way to miss it. If I’m at home, I just get up and do it right away, and if I’m coming here I take care of my cats and I come to the gym. It’s just a matter of making sure I find time for it in the day.

JS: You have previously done the Mastermind course with Sarah, how did that experience impact your life in terms of goal setting?

SF: I did the very first Mastermind Course that Spark did in 2020 and I was very skeptical at first, it’s not something I’m big on, I am very much somebody that keeps things in my head, so it helped me to compartmentalize things and then make them into readable lists for other people.

JS: What do you mean?

SF: Well I keep lists in my head but then no one else knows what I’m talking about. I can’t say I carried over everything, not because I didn’t find it valuable, but because I’m not good at pumping myself up mentally. But. there is a vision board at my house now and pictures and an actual list that I use and I’ve been able to cross off a lot of goals and it’s been almost two years since.

JS: You recently got your NASM coach certification, what was your motivation for becoming a coach? 

SF: So, I had talked about this and I don’t think at the time that I brought it up to Sarah that she thought I was serious about it. I just kept saying "I have to finish this project" because I had this very long on-going side job, but as soon as I finished that I bought my course and then I was like as soon as I get back from this vacation I’ll get on it.  I told Sarah even if I don’t use it for coaching other people I want the knowledge for myself so, I do want to use it with other people, but it was more about having that base for myself.

JS: What has been your favorite memory that has happened this year within the Spark community and how has the mind- body- spirit connection impacted your life?

SF: So, I will say I don’t have a particular moment but we’ve had a lot of parties and hikes and I enjoy those most. I do enjoy our Rugged Maniac outing but mostly the weekend get togethers and it’s more about building relationships with people and that’s what I really enjoy. Mind, body, and spirit is something I’m still working on.

JS:  You are good with your body!

SF: Right? I’m good at compartmentalizing them but bringing them together. I’m still working on it.

JS: What is the most exciting thing you see on the horizon for yourself and for Spark in 2023?

SF: There’s going to be a lot of new stuff ahead with Sarah moving in terms of on location in Arizona with the retreats, new courses being offered and things moving into a more virtual realm with our coaching in Illinois. I look forward to more weekend hikes this year and the next Rugged Maniac outing. We will keep it pumped up!


As Sarah embarks on her move to Arizona to start up a new chapter of Spark out there, we will be continuing to serve our client base together keeping the Spark community going strong 💪🏻