Your Health Is Our Passion

Spark exists to unite and inspire a community of individuals so that they want to become the best version of themselves to positively impact the world.

Meet The Expert Crew of Spark

Haven’t been able to get your “health in order” despite working on it for months or years?

Even though some people may appear to “have it all together” when it comes to their health - it doesn’t mean they do…

…health is more complex than what we see on the outside - and this is the reason so many people cannot achieve their optimal health goals.

Spark exists to unite and inspire a community of individuals who want to become the best version of themselves by providing them with all the needed physical, nutritional, and spiritual tools to do just that.

The result?

A life lived with better health, deeper happiness, and a greater impact made.


Sarah Malone - Owner 
Certified Hypnotherapist 
Transformational Energy Healer
Retreat Facilitator

With almost 10 years of experience in the health and wellness space, Sarah has committed her life to helping others become the healed and most empowered version of themselves. As a clinical hypnotherapist, transformational energy healer, NASM CPT, CNC and GPT, and retreat facilitator and creator of one of the most powerful programs, The Reignition Plan she uses all levels of Mind, Body and Spirit to provide individuals with the best possible environment to truly create lasting change. She specializes in knowing where each person is on their journey and prides herself on meeting them where they are.
Through her own battles and trials, she developed a passion for healing on all levels and knows the deeper layers of what makes people do the things they do in order to uncover the powerful human inside and get past whatever holds them back. That human is you. She finds the most fulfillment in customizing an approach to your well being and wellness. Spark is her mission and purpose and you will feel it the first conversation you have with her.

Samantha Fetzner

A Punk Rocker who dabbles in alternative, screamo, and rap, don’t let Sammi’s taste in music fool you… she’s a sweetheart and world-class coach who is able to connect with clients on a deep, personal level to fast track their progress.

Health & Fitness are an essential part of her and her life. After years of being a slave to desk jobs, Sammi has never felt better or more in tune with her body and mind since committing to her training.

Whether you’re looking to minimize your stress levels, release some weight you’ve been carrying for too long, get strong, or completely transform your body and health - Samantha is the perfect coach for you.

Jacque Stukowski
Content Creator

Our Spark Content Creator, Jacque is a versatile photographer & graphic designer with an eye for detail. She prides herself on her ability to bring out the “magic” in people between the shutter clicks.

You’ll find Jacque in the gym most mornings where she is focused on her own fitness goals and hyping up our in-house crew. She leads our Spark Hikes, produces Spark content, and writes the Spark of the Month Blog which highlights special people in our community. 

She’s our "Jac" of all trades who is deeply devoted to her family, friendships and her deep faith in God.