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"Reignite in the red rocks was the most amazing, transformational, earth shattering experience! Every detail is so intentionally thought out with love and care. The space that is held for healing and connecting with other like minded souls is created from a true place of heart and soul and is magical! Sarah has an amazing ability to tap into the needs of every single participant, her intuitive abilities and insight she gives are always spot on and hit directly where it's needed to be able to deal with whatever issues that are bubbling near the surface. This experience has been life changing and will forever hold a special place in my heart as well as the close knit family that was created! If you're feeling stuck and are in need of a breakthrough of any kind, this is the place for you!"

Kelly O.

"I have shared beautiful experiences with Sarah at Spark Fitness through her holistic approaches and teachings. Meditation and sound bowl sessions are a beautiful way to connect with yourself. Sarah offers Reiki sessions and they will change your life. I have had two healing sessions with her, and already booked my third session. This season of growth has been quick and her lifestyle coaching has become an integral part of my process. She's allowed me to clear my energy and connect with a deeper version of my body and mind. Highly recommend her, and her team to help you!"


"Life changing retreat! I owe my reawakening to Sarah Malone. Sarah brings a light and energy to every space shes in. Its because of this retreat that I now have a spiritual family. The retreat is thoughtfully planned and coordinated to make you feel at home. I highly recommend this retreat and I will be returning to learn more from Sarah." 

Brittni F.

"Completed a session yesterday and I feel amazing! Sarah was able to help me remove some personal blocks. She was kind and supportive while remaining very professional. I already feel energetically lighter! Excited for my next session, thank you!'

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"  I went to Sarah Malone's "Reignite in the Redrocks" retreat in Arizona and it was life-changing for me. It was a small group of 7 other people that met as strangers but left feeling like family. All the love, support, and connection we shared in one weekend was what I felt like I had been missing my whole life with my own family. This 4 day retreat ended up being an incredible adventure of self-discovery, self-growth, and self-healing. I would highly recommend Sarah's retreats to anyone!!!"

Lauren W. 

"Sarah is the absolute best and kindest soul you will ever meet! In our reiki session, she helped me realize a lot of what my inner child was asking for and needs. I was able to finally hear and understand what I need for myself in order to let go of all the stress that I continuously put on myself, just as most of us do in this day and age. Everyone's path is unique and Sarah can help you realign and help you become more aware of your own healing process. I cannot thank her enough for all the help she has given to me. I highly recommend her if your looking for help or a boost on your journey, whether that be spiritual or fitness!"


"Had multiple amazing sessions with Sarah. We were able to expand my thought and consciousness through both reiki and her hypnotherapy. I’d highly recommend her to my patients as well as anyone else who is looking for either service!"

Connie A.

"I’m not quite sure where to start. Ever since my first introduction call with Sarah at Spark Fitness & Lifestyle Coaching my fitness journey changed. Sarah listened to everything I told her and helped me hit the ground running. I have been into fitness and nutrition for several years now and I hit a plato and needed guidance. Since joining with Sarah, I am seeing the results I have always worked so hard to see. Sarah is an AMAZING COACH in so many ways and without her guidance and support I would not be seeing the results I’ve waited so long to see. Sarah truly listens to me, pushes me to my limits and helps me with meal planning and I couldn’t ask for more!!!"

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"This was the most amazing, loving, FUN, transformative experience I’ve ever had. Sarah’s heart is pure. Her work is full of love and passion. The retreat I attended with her is one I will never forget. I had a transformation healing session that will forever change how I see myself and how I am. I feel so empowered, at peace, and excited for the work I have in front of me. If you are lost or in need of healing, COME HERE!! I came feeling weighed down by my past stories, and I left feeling so empowered."

Sabrina O. 

"Not only is Spark a place to get fit, healthy, and work on your mind and body but it’s a team/family. If you’re looking to make a life change and not a quick fix, then this is the right place for you. You get customized workouts, you have a meal plan, and your coach is always there for you."


"A TRUE healing experience hard to put into words. Clearing decades of stuck trauma and emotions, so that i can reach my highest good. A must for anyone trying to heal and break from unhealthy habits and programming."

Lorraine E.

"Sarah has always been a genuine soul. She’s trustworthy and provided a relaxing session with balancing my energy which was absolutely needed! Reiki is an amazing experience within itself. After the session, she will provide you with where and what energy she felt, making you look at what is going on with yourself internally and externally. I definitely recommend and will be going back regularly myself."

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"Working with Sarah and Spark Fitness was one of the best things that have happened to me! Before working with Sarah, I was just starting to dabble in getting serious with lifting weights and working out. I was overweight and unhealthy physically, but also MENTALLY. I was working out to see a number change. I was not working out to feel better about my abilities or feel good about myself in its current state. I obsessed over working out and what I thought was “healthy” eating. I was starving my body of nutrients and honestly, enjoyable foods! This led me to isolate myself from social events because I feared binge eating, and if I binged on food, I added an extra 15 minutes of fasted cardio on top of what I already had. Let alone the negative thoughts I told myself!

Sarah led me to clarity by providing me tools for success. She did not give me a meal plan to follow, she showed me how to eat clean independently and incorporate the things I love for a truly balanced diet. Let's be real, nobody eats chicken, rice, and broccoli every day for all days. Is this a great meal? 100%! Pizza is also great.

Learning how to do this with the tools provided by Sarah was one of the best things for me. I don’t say no to birthday parties or girl's nights out, I plan for them! I do not beat myself up when I forget to bring my packed lunch, I decide the healthiest option readily available to me! I stress less about falling off, I just get right back on track if I do (we all do). I don’t punish my body for enjoying foods, I cherish its abilities! I don’t worry about how far I didn’t get toward my goal, but how far I have come. Growth is not always linear!!!

Having this clarity has led me to expand this belief of balance to my other life roles, not just as an athlete. I apply this idea of balance to my career, relationships, and spiritual identities. This may sound like a far-fetched testimonial but it's hard to explain something you must experience to truly understand. In short, Sarah has provided me the tools to identify my goals and values physically and mentally. Spark fitness and the crew inspire me daily to be better by interacting with like-minded individuals that remind me of who I much love!"

Roxanne H. 

"This has been absolutely a life changing experience for me. Sarah treats every part of you, Reiki specifically has helped me to understand myself, what I need to work on and how to genuinely let go of the things holding me down. Sarah specifically helps you to understand what to do with what she sees, and how to continue on your own to unblock, release tension and drive an entirely better life for yourself. 10/10 recommendation for anyone! Don’t hesitate for a minute, you will be so happy you worked with her, I guarantee it!"

Branden S. 

"I recently went to Spark Fitness for my first Reiki massage experience. Upon arriving I was a little nervous and Sarah noticed immediately and made sure to address it and make me feel calm and welcome. I went into this unsure of what to expect, and let me tell you. The experience was nothing short of a spiritual experience. If I could explain my experience to you in depth I would. But you may want to just go find out for yourself. I laughed, I cried, I felt a new freedom come over me. If you’re unsure of the Reiki service Sarah offers, I’m here to tell you to let it go and give it a try. You will NOT be disappointed."


Sarah is an incredible healer. I thank god for allowing us to meet in person. Her healing left me feeling more clear and energetic than before. During the session, I feel very comfortable around Sarah. She was able to tell me insight about my energy that everyone else would only scratch the surface. I want to go back for more healings from Sarah’s very soon. I feel like I’m starting to notice things that even years of meditation I wasn’t even able to pick up on. Lastly and Most important above all, she is reverent towards the lord God Jesus. 


I just love my bond with Sarah. Recently I was able to do a private retreat with her. I simply connected with Sarah and described my needs and she put the whole retreat together to fit my needs. This retreat included meditation, hypnotherapy and sound bowls.
Sarah has also been my personal fitness coach which we do by zoom. This has been the best for me because it accommodates my schedule, we have fun and laugh and talk while working out. She also works with what I have in the home. Sometimes we workout without any equipment at all.
I cannot fully describe the gifts Sarah has lent to my life and the smile she puts on my face and in my heart each time I spend time with her in any form.
This multi talented woman is a true inspiration to all.

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