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 You’re Unique. You Need & Deserve Something Custom For You. At Spark, All Your Needs Are Catered For

Whether you’re an overworked Mom, Dad; are looking to release extra weight; want to end the negative cycles playing out once and for all, or looking to get off the medications your doctor has given you…

…you’re in the perfect place

SPARK offers everything you need in one place, with everything customized to your specific experience too.

Certified Hypnotherapist


Transformational Energy Healer

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Find The Perfect Spark Your Health Needs


Everything You Need. In One Place


Find The Perfect Spark Your Health Needs

Hypnotherapy (In person or Virtual)

This form of therapy can be used for smoking cessation, releasing weight, drugs and alcohol addiction, emotional trauma or most excitedly manifesting more of what you want in your life. More confidence, more abundance, more peace, more love.
*Hypnotherapy has no known side effects and has been known to be a short term form of therapy that acts as quickly or as slowly as the patient needs.

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Transformational Energy Healing (In person or Virtual)

Includes 1 hour 15 min of transformational energy healing/journey at the guidance of your practitioner. Some know this as reiki, but this is so much more. Whatever your body and spirit needs, they will be addressed in your session. Expect the unexpected!

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Individualized Meditations (In person or Virtual)

Through meditation is where our subconscious can communicate and heal what it truly needs to heal. The deepest meditative state is ᗪEᒪTᗩ state and very few are able to get to this place to allow for true change to form from meditation. In this experience, you will be guided through a meditation so real and relevant it will allow your true spirit to begin guiding the way!


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Sound Bowl & Meditation (In person or Virtual)

Includes 1 hour of sound healing. Experience the relaxing and healing power of sound as you lay in a serene environment and allow your practitioner to play sound over you, healing any stale energy states, physical symptoms, and experience a deep sense of relaxation!


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Personal Training (In person or Virtual)

Our body is our vessel and we must take care of it! At Spark our NASM Certified Personal Trainers offer customized 1:1 Coaching programs for YOUR needs. We build our programs for the individual, not the group. Packages available for monthly access or single sessions.


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Nutrition Coaching 

Monthly 1:1 nutrition guidance based on personal goals. Macro targets, calorie goals, and cycling as well as meal plan availability. The particular depth of service depends on your needs!


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Choose the service that you need right now, and let our experts take care of the rest.

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Fitness Services

Spark offers an individualized approach to your health and fitness.

We use a personal app experience that allows you to engae directly with your coach and the entire crew of Spark while staying committed to your OWN schedule created for you by your coach each week.

As things change, your program changes based on your needs, progress, availability and hunger!

We are excited to join in your journey wherever you are and walk alongside as you take the reigns back over your well being!

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Holistic Services

Spark offers a holistic approach and plan to your wellness. You are not just a body, but a mind and a spirit as well.

With several modalities including Spiritual Transformation, Energy Healing, Sound Healing and Hypnotherapy, you will be met with wherever you are and in whatever capacity you need.

Energy Healing or Spiritual Transformation has been known to single handedly set you on the path of transformation in a shorter time than would therapy or simply talking about things. It is an instant relaxation and energy release that allows you to uncover the layers that have been holding you back in all ways mental, physical and emotional.

Sound healing has been known to ignite deep relaxation, aid in alleviation from physical ailments and help soothe your emotional responses.

You are a whole need a whole approach!

Experience The Magic of Life When You’re At Your Healthiest & Happiest

Get exactly what you need and allow our expert coaches to guide you to the goals you’ve always had - but have never been able to achieve