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Clinical Hypnotherapy (In person or Virtual)

With a specialization in Internal Family Systems (IFS) combined with clinical hypnotherapy, this form of therapy can be used a variety of circumstances like childhood trauma, addiction, eating disorders, relationships, confidence, weight loss, success, sleep, and more. Known for it's fast acting and long lasting results, hypnotherapy has received much controversy, yet remains one of the most powerful and real forms of change that you can make today.
*Hypnotherapy has no known side effects.


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Transformational Energy Healing (In person or Virtual)

This form of healing uses the power of your own energy body. Sarah is highly skilled in this field as we is able to sense and move through energy that is being trapped or stored within. She will be able to sense into past, present and future emotional events helping to move through, move out, or bring to the surface anything that needs to be healed in order for you to feel more aligned inside and out. Expect the unexpected with this session. 



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Couples Relationship Coaching / Therapy 

Discover your power in your relationship and learn how to balance the masculine / feminine within yourself in order to create polarity and chemistry in your relationship. Sold hard to talk about problems and deepen your intimacy by getting to the root of whatever is holding you back from feeling safe. Most of the time, our issue feels like our partner, but those issues go deeper and most often stem from something deeper within ourselves. That makes relationships a great place to heal parts of ourselves while being with another. If they get off track, however, it becomes a place of suffering and hurt feelings.

Sarah uses the power of IFS for couples combined with her deeply intuitive abilities and coaching to help you navigate the complexities of relationship so you can reignite trust, intimacy, play and ultimately create the relationship you desire while reconnecting you with yourself!

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Healing & Growth Retreats

Reignite in the Red Rocks Co-ed healing and growth retreats are the most transformational event we offer - and that you'll ever experience. We have seen individuals come through this retreat and come out feeling like a brand new person. Join us for 4 days in Sedona Arizona for what promises to be transformational and awakening. Read real reviews and testimonials at the link below and reserve your spot for the next retreat NOW. 

*These retreats fill up quickly. First come first serve.

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8 Week Spiritual/Life Coaching

Choose from 3 areas of focus - Mind, Spirit, or Body. In an 8 week immersive coaching program, you'll gain access to the online course materials and work through the modules and assignments on your own. Then you'll meet once per week with Sarah as she mentors you through your growth and helps you heal in a deep and relatable way.

This program is for those ready and willing to make real shifts in their life - inside and out

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Fitness Coaching

Receive the programming that is right for you. We customize your fitness plan including your workout programming and nutrition plan. Our goal is not to give you template workouts and diet plans, but to help you sustain healthy habits that are effective and long lasting towards your goal. This goes for your body, mind, and lifestyle.

Connect with us so we can assess your goals and make sure we are a good fit for your health needs.

*Our trainers are NASM Certified CPT, CNC, GPTS

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Holistic Services

Spark offers a holistic approach and plan to your wellness. You are not just a body, but a mind and a spirit as well.

With several modalities including Spiritual Transformation, Energy Healing, Sound Healing and Hypnotherapy, you will be met with wherever you are and in whatever capacity you need.

Energy Healing or Spiritual Transformation has been known to single handedly set you on the path of transformation in a shorter time than would therapy or simply talking about things. It is an instant relaxation and energy release that allows you to uncover the layers that have been holding you back in all ways mental, physical and emotional.

Sound healing has been known to ignite deep relaxation, aid in alleviation from physical ailments and help soothe your emotional responses.

You are a whole being....you need a whole approach!

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Fitness Services

Spark offers an individualized approach to your health and fitness.

We use a personal app experience that allows you to engae directly with your coach and the entire crew of Spark while staying committed to your OWN schedule created for you by your coach each week.

As things change, your program changes based on your needs, progress, availability and hunger!

We are excited to join in your journey wherever you are and walk alongside as you take the reigns back over your well being!