Do You Feel As Though You’re Not Living Your Life As You Could?

Give Me 8 Weeks and I’ll Help You Finally Make The Big, Challenging Changes You Want To See In Your Life – Guaranteed


You and I have never met. But there’s a common concern we all share. The highly probable chance that we’ll live our lives in their entirety – but barely have lived authentically or achieved what we truly desire

There is a way to eliminate the problem. Completely. The solution is to step outside the norm and common approaches that many people at this part of their life journey focus on … all of these things that are external to them and easy to change.

The exercise routine. The diet and nutrition approach. The yoga practice. The conscious time in nature. The journaling, breathwork, and “guided meditation” with an App downloaded from the App Store.

All these tools are great places to start. However, this is where 9 in 10 people get stuck and fail to make the real changes they wish to see in themselves and their lives – and make it a deeply ingrained aspect of themselves for the rest of their lives.

When people are called to change, and deeply desire it in their lives - their first step is to look outside of themselves - their first, and biggest problem to solve. All change … as in true change … the kind that makes people notice you  shining  brighter and helps you create a life you never knew was possible HAS to begin from within.

Without this internal spark, the motivation and desire soon fades, doesn’t it? Then, the next external activity is chosen with the hope it’s finally the solution … only for the same behaviors and patterns to play out and life continues to look exactly the same as it did before.

A part of you knows it to be true – real change starts from within – which is why I created Ignite The Spark Within to help men and women on their personal journeys to finally take ownership of their lives and see the changes they desire and deserve.

After all –  if nothing you’ve tried has helped to create the changes you so desperately seek have worked …is the problem YOU or the SOLUTION you’re hoping will work?

I know you think it’s you … but it’s not. And the solution you’ve been hoping to find for so long is right here in front of you.

Over the past 7 years I have been coaching, supporting, and guiding people in their personal development journeys to successfully create the challenging changes they want to make in their lives – and Ignite The Spark Within is the most effective, most potent, perfected process to help you do it too.

Discover the power that already exists inside of you, and Ignite The Spark Within yourself to live the fulfilled, passionate, love-filled life you desire.


Ignite The Spark Within Helps People Create Their True Purpose In Life

…notice my intentional use of the word “create” here - purpose is not something you “find” … it’s something you play a powerful, active role in creating for yourself.

92% of Americans are either unfulfilled, lost or overweight and living in a constant yo-yo cycle of desire, hope, disappointment, and depression. It’s vicious. And if people aren’t careful - they can get lost in this deadly cycle for years, decades, or their entire lives.

The “personal development” industry, “gurus”, “experts” and “coaches” will fill you with false hope and water down the reality of what’s required in order for you to change … and it’s those lies and withholding of the truth that keeps you searching for the answer.

If you want big changes to occur in your life where you’re waking up every single day – living life as you could in its entirety – no small change in routine is going to bring it about. It’s going to take a team effort to win the battle for that trophy.

This is what makes Ignite The Spark Within so effective and popular. It coaches people to finally learn and utilize the tools to better understand themselves, their limiting patterns, and their limiting beliefs to make the necessary changes in mind, body, and spirit and ingrain them so deeply they become embodied in a way that makes life better.

Ignite The Spark Within Is Perfect For People Who Desire:

…so they can stop feeling lost and like they’re living on autopilot or living out someone else's plan for their own life.

…so they can develop deep connections with those that matter to them and experience the true, deep love life has to offer.

…so they can feel confident and empowered on their journey – choosing what they want to do without any self-judgment or guilt..

…so they feel aligned in their direction and have a deep sense of authenticity in their actions.

…so they have the power and potential to continually bring themselves back to center when life inevitably challenges them.

Ignite The Spark Within Changes Peoples Lives – For The Rest Of Their Lives (...not just a few weeks or months)


60 Days To A New You …And A New Life

Physical Mastery

In order to truly change we have to be able to tangibly see it for ourselves to resolve a deeply innate human need. By seeing your true power for transformation and change through your body, your mind will follow suit.

During this phase of your journey, you will learn The Reality of Health and Fitness, including:

  • How To Understand Different Goals, Create Your Authentic Goals, and Discover the Vital and Often-Missed Step of “Closing The Gap”

  • How To Eat In A Way That’s Perfect For Your Body, Your Mentality, Your Lifestyle, and Your Goals

  • How To Create A Sustainable, Fun, and Hyper-Effective Movement Practice For Your Preferences and Desires

  • How To Identify Your Essential “Transformation Habits” …and identify key triggers and behaviors that make them easier to integrate

  • How To Sustainably Manage Stress In All Aspects Of Your Life

Mental Titan

“The Mind Is All” – and a weak mindset is the reason people cannot create true, lifelong change in the aspects of their lives they deeply desire.

By seeing your patterns, your limiting beliefs, and your sabotaging behaviors, you’ll have the missing piece of the puzzle that creates 100% of failure all people experience.

During this phase of your journey, you will Break Your Barriers, including:

  • How To Understand What’s Really Driving You …and how to take back control of the wheel.

  • How To Stare Fear In The Face …and act in spite of it when it rears it’s head in your life

  • How To Break Your Unwanted Patterns Using Your Values and Basic Human Needs.

  • How To Be Your Authentic Self – Every Single Day …and continually come back to this sense of being when life begins to force you off the path.

  • How To Use Intention, Gratitude, and Purpose to take MASSIVE ACTION and fasttrack positive changes in your life

Spiritual Warrior

We are human BEings …and we’ve lost touch with our true nature and the power of BEing in the fast-paced, doing nature of the world – and the approval, validation, and worth that’s attached with action.

This is the phase of your journey where you will be challenged the most, bringing about the biggest changes in your potential, power, and perspective:

  • Release Trapped Energy You’ve Been Holding Onto For Decades and Live With Lightness and Happiness

  • Rework The Stories and Beliefs About Yourself That You Believe To Be True …and write new, empowering, accurate stories about who you truly are and what you truly deserve.

  • Understand Your Ego and All The Beautiful Parts of You that Make You, You …and form a deep connection and loving relationship with them to create a deep, loving relationship with yourself

  • Integrate Your New Knowledge, Understanding, and Wisdom to the deepest depths of your being so they become a natural part of who you are.

  • Align Yourself With Love, Gratitude, Acceptance, and Trust in all areas of your life

Ignite Your Spark Within 3 Piece Bundle

Tackle all 3 facets: Mind, Body, and Spirit.
Purchasing the bundle will provide you with each of the courses

-Physical Mastery

-Mental Titan

-Spiritual Warrior

at a discount! Become the person you truly desire to be through cultivating your physical body, mental strength, and spiritual wellbeing!


Live The Life You Were Born To Live

Hey! I’m Sarah. For almost a decade I have been specializing in coaching people to their true potential in life - and perfecting my strategies, tools, and processes to guarantee they achieve it.

What began with the National Academy of Sports Medicine soon became a drastically deep dive into myself as life sent me challenges, obstacles, and suffering I did not think I was capable of overcoming. This caused me to create a holistic approach to empowering and transforming the human in front of me.

With Thousands of people coached and supported to date – my goal is to create a world where people live the life of their dreams and grow into the strongest and happiest versions of themselves.

Apply for the  waitlist and let’s see if you’re a good fit for Ignite The Spark Within.


All Change Begins Within.It’s Time You Lived The Life You Deserve.

Imagine waking up in just eight weeks' time to a life that resembles the sweetest dream you could ever dream –  and living that as your daily reality. That’s the opportunity in front of you right now …

Give me just eight weeks and I’ll show you how to claim your power to make the big, challenging changes you want to see that create the life you could live – guaranteed.